Colours inspire me
both conceptually & visually at the start of each painting. A white canvas waiting to be filled with colour evokes a sense of childlike adventure and excitement. As a child, I lived in a very drab, colourless environment. Through the use of vibrant colours, I am able to re-capture my childhood in a healthier, more constructive way.

My work revolves around my initial colour choice, which then provides the foundation of the images I create. Colour stirs up my emotion, which then dictates the images I create on canvas. By using acrylics, I am able to manipulate various colour tones and textures, which then bring about a sense of chaos and/or serenity...depending on a person’s individual perspective!
Recently, I began experimenting with symmetrical figures as evidenced by my “Industrial” collection (“Industrial Girl with 2 Flowers,” “Industrial Spider,” “Industrial Butterfly,” “Industrial Eye,” “Industrial Bird of Paradise,” “Industrial X’s and O’s”). This appeals to my rigid sense of space and time, but allows for the playfulness I have always longed for. Once again, colour is the key element in this collection representing both feminine and masculine attributes. Although each colour has long since been given its’ gender, I have mixed the two together to create a uniform image. My artwork may vary in content, but each canvas has one element holding it love of colour.